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Avoiding a driving without privileges charge

By knowing the options available to educate themselves about the penalties for driving without privileges, Idaho drivers can avoid winding up charged with the crime.

While most people driving in Idaho are careful to respect the rules of the road, many may not be thinking about ending up labeled as a criminal for breaking one of these rules. However, as it currently stands, it is still considered a crime in Idaho to drive without a license or other form of certification. While there are a lot of programs in the state which intend to reduce the rate of people being charged with driving without privileges, it remains the state's most commonly charged crime.

The law as it stands today

Currently the penalty for driving without privileges increases with each repeated commission. The first time a person commits this crime, he or she could have his or her driving privileges revoked for up to 180 days, and be fined up to 1,000 dollars. There is also a mandatory jail sentence of at least two days.

A person is considered to be driving without privileges if, while driving, he or she has indirect knowledge that his or her license has been suspended, disqualified or revoked, or if he or she received mail, has actual knowledge received oral or written notice of the same. The way the law has it spelled out, it makes it very difficult to avoid the charge if caught in any of the circumstances described above.

Ways to prevent a driving without privileges charge

In addition to the fact that the law is publicly accessible, there are also institutions which are working to keep people educated and aware of the law and how to keep themselves licensed and certified to drive in the state of Idaho. The National Traffic Safety Institute offers a training class on certain Saturdays which does just this.

Those who participate in the course are encouraged to come up with a "Personal Action Plan" to affirm responsibility. They are told about the consequences for certain choices, and about the laws and the penalties for breaking them. At a deeper level, the course teaches drivers to consider the way they drive and why they do, and to evaluate and handle the process of change.

The class aims to help people form a commitment to avoid future problems with finances or legal issues. Participants learn the steps that need to be taken for license reinstatement. There is also an emphasis on having a positive attitude, and attendees are taught a value system that helps with making better choices in the future.

Anyone in Idaho who is dealing with a driving without privileges charge will want to have the charges reduced or dropped, and to have their case sensibly defended. An attorney in the area who practices criminal law may be able to provide the right kind of representation in such cases.

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