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Boise Administrative License Suspension Hearings Lawyer

In Idaho, a driver whose license has been suspended as a result of a DUI has the right to an administrative license suspension (ALS) hearing, to be requested in writing within seven days of the arrest. If there is no hearing, the license is suspended.

Boise administrative license suspension hearings attorney J. Scott Dowdy can represent drivers who wish to proceed with such a hearing.

How An ALS Hearing Proceeds

An ALS hearing is conducted by a hearing officer chosen by the Department of Motor Vehicles. It is important to note that the hearing officer is not an attorney.

The hearing is conducted by telephone. There is no live appearance. For the police, there is no live testimony at all; the hearing officer relies on the written police report. The defendant has an opportunity to challenge the report in the phone call. The hearing officer issues a written decision within three to five days of the telephone hearing.

If the hearing officer finds that the suspension was not justified, the defendant's license is returned.

When a defendant wants to pursue an ALS hearing, J. Scott Dowdy will make a frank appraisal of the situation and explain how the hearing works. He explains that there is a cost and that success is not guaranteed. And if the client does prevail but pleads guilty to the underlying DUI, his or her license will be suspended for a period that incorporates the original suspension, thus lengthening the penalty on the back end.

If the client wishes to proceed, he will represent him or her zealously.

In Caldwell, ALS Hearing Attorney J. Scott Dowdy Can Guide You Through The Process

A DUI defendant has only a limited time to request an ALS hearing, so it is important to be represented by an experienced lawyer who can advise whether it will help achieve the best possible resolution. In Boise, Kuna, Nampa, Caldwell and throughout Ada County, Boise County and Gem County, that lawyer is J. Scott Dowdy. Contact Dowdy Law Office online or at 208-922-7683 to set up an initial consultation.

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