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Boise Drug Charge Lawyer

Most drug charges in western Idaho are for simple possession, with marijuana and methamphetamines the most common drugs. Possession with intent to distribute, or "delivery," is a far more serious matter, carrying an automatic mandatory minimum prison sentence. No matter how serious the charge, though, it is best to consult a Boise drug charge attorney such as J. Scott Dowdy.

Medical Marijuana Possession — A Misdemeanor In Idaho

A very common offense is simple possession of marijuana for medical use. Idaho, unlike neighboring Oregon, does not permit medical marijuana. Often, people with prescriptions for the drug that are valid in Oregon bring it into Idaho. When the marijuana is discovered, for example at a metal detector at the airport, the result is a misdemeanor charge.

A felony possession charge is more difficult to defend. It is typically brought for more serious offenses, such as operating a meth lab or being in possession of large amounts of marijuana with intent to deliver.

Many drug cases do not go to trial particularly if the charge is a misdemeanor. Many people appear in Idaho's dedicated drug court. Dowdy Law Office has had success in getting felony charges dismissed in the drug court, meaning that there is no charge on the client's permanent record.

If You Have Been Charged With A Drug Crime, Contact Idaho Felony And Misdemeanor Defense Attorney J. Scott Dowdy

J. Scott Dowdy is a Kuna lawyer who brings his long experience as a prosecutor and public figure to the representation of people in trouble on drug charges. Contact Dowdy Law Office online or at 208-922-7683 to set up an initial consultation.

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