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Boise Drug Possession Lawyer

Young people can all too easily get into trouble because of drugs. Boise drug possession attorney J. Scott Dowdy's long experience in juvenile court and with young offenders makes him a natural choice to defend a young person against drug charges.

Drug Crimes And Juvenile Offenders

There are several characteristic patterns in juvenile drug cases, for example:

  • Young people steal prescription drugs, pass them around at school, and get caught by the principal or ratted out by fellow students.
  • Young people bring small amounts of marijuana to school and get caught.

Ecstasy is another drug that is abused in western Idaho, but it is notable that abuse of prescription drugs is at least as common in this area as abuse of hard, illegal drugs. Valium and OxyContin are particular favorites, among adults as well as young people.

Defending Juvenile Drug Offenders

Representation and appearance in juvenile court can be a more intense experience than with adults. The youthful offender, picked up at night, frequently spends the night at a juvenile detention center before seeing a judge the next morning. At this point the offender admits or denies the allegations, as in an adult arraignment. The matter then proceeds similarly to an adult proceeding, except that there is no right to a jury trial.

Cases in juvenile court are assigned by zip code, so repeat offenders appear before the same judge.

In Caldwell, Prescription Drugs Defense Attorney J. Scott Dowdy Represents Young Offenders And Adults

If you or a young person close to you has been charged with a drug offense such as intent to distribute, you need a lawyer who knows the courts and procedures well. Contact Dowdy Law Office online or at 208-922-7683 to set up an initial consultation.

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