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Boise Burglary And Theft Lawyer

Much theft in Boise and elsewhere throughout western Idaho is petty, but that does not mean that the potential penalties and criminal record can be ignored. Of course, it is also possible to be wrongly accused. Thus, even a charge of petty theft should be handled by a skilled Boise burglary and theft attorney such as J. Scott Dowdy.

Beware The Jockey Boxer

Petty theft is frequently tied to drug use. An offender will walk down a street of parked cars and engage in what is called "jockey boxing" — breaking into the car and rifling through it to steal what the owners have left behind. Jockey boxers know that all too often the owners have left something very valuable in the car. Having stolen the valuables, the jockey boxer pawns them and spends the proceeds on drugs.

Jockey boxing is an example of a more serious crime being associated with petty theft. Breaking into a home with intent to steal while the occupant is away is another. The ease of attaching such felonies to a petty theft charge is all the more reason to look to an experienced criminal defense lawyer such as J. Scott Dowdy.

Defending Against A Theft Charge

The key issue in defending against a theft charge is the evidence the police offer to tie the defendant to the crime. How they got their information matters. Was it through eyewitness testimony? Do they have fingerprints? Was the culprit caught on a CCTV camera?

How the police caught the suspect can also matter. A defendant's case is weaker if the stolen goods are found on his or her person or in his or her house or car.

Have You Been Charged In Nampa With Shoplifting? Attorney J. Scott Dowdy Can Help

If you have been charged with shoplifting, breaking and entering, or any other form of theft, look to a lawyer who will examine the evidence closely, determine whether to contest the charges and fight for the best possible resolution of your case. In Boise, Kuna, Nampa, Caldwell and throughout Ada County, Boise County and Gem County, that lawyer is J. Scott Dowdy. Contact Dowdy Law Office online or at 208-922-7683 to set up an initial consultation.

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