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Let Us Help You Reinstate Your License After Suspension

Has your driver's license been suspended due to DUI or other traffic violations? If your license has been suspended, the best thing you can do is to request a hearing to have your license reinstated.

You need to make a request in writing within 7 days of the arrest. If there is no hearing, the license is suspended. If you need help getting your driver's license back, Dowdy Law Office can represent drivers who wish to proceed with such a hearing.

Learn More About the Administrative License Suspension Hearing Procedure

Learn More About the Administrative License Suspension Hearing Procedure

In Idaho, a driver has only 7 days to contest his or her license suspension. Here, an ALS hearing is conducted by a hearing officer chosen by the Department of Motor Vehicles. The license suspension hearing is administrative in nature. It happens by telephone. The hearing officer relies on the written police report.

You have the opportunity to challenge the report and present your reason. Within 3 to 5 days, the hearing officer issues a written report of the telephone hearing. In many cases, when the hearing officer finds that the suspension was not justified, the license is returned to the defendant.

Attorney J. Scott Dowdy will analyze the situation and explain to a defendant how the hearing process works when a defendant wishes to pursue an ALS hearing. He explains that cost is involved and that success in such cases cannot be guaranteed.

If the defendant accepts the charges, his or her license will be suspended for a period, thus lengthening the penalty.