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Dedicated Drug Crime Defense

If you have been charged with any type of drug crime, it is essential to get legal counsel right away. Drug distribution or delivery charges in Idaho carry some of the most punitive penalties, resulting in an automatic mandatory minimum prison sentence.

No matter how serious the charge, you need to contact Dowdy Law Office. When you hire our team, we will immediately begin to investigate your case and develop a personalized defense for your situation.

Possession of Marijuana for Medical Purposes is a Misdemeanor in Idaho

Possession of Marijuana for Medical Purposes is a Misdemeanor in Idaho

Marijuana possession and sale, even for medical reasons, remain prohibited in Idaho. The state does not allow the legal use of medical marijuana or cannabis for personal use. 

When people travel to Idaho with prescription drugs that are valid in other states, the result is a misdemeanor charge. If you are caught for operating a meth lab or possessing large amounts of marijuana with an intent to deliver, it is considered as a serious felony offense.

Trust Our Attorney to Defend You From Drug Charges

If the charge is a misdemeanor, such drug cases do not go to trial. Many people appear in Idaho's dedicated drug court. You can count on attorney J. Scott Dowdy's exceptional communication and proactive nature who has been successful in getting felony charges dismissed in the drug court.