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Defending Juvenile Drug Possession Charges

Being accused of drug possession is a serious matter, one that needs to be addressed with the help of a skilled drug crime lawyer. At Dowdy Law Office, our legal team can defend your son or daughter with their drug crime charges.

Minors and young adults sometimes don’t realize how their choices could harm them until it is too late and they face legal trouble. You will be pleased to learn that attorney J. Scott Dowdy has an extensive knowledge of the juvenile justice issues. It makes him a natural choice to defend a young adult against drug possession charges.

Patterns in Juvenile Drug Cases

Patterns in Juvenile Drug Cases

  • Young people steal prescription drugs, pass them around in school, and get caught by the principal or ratted out by fellow students
  • Young people bring small amounts of marijuana to school and get caught
  • Ecstasy is also abused in western Idaho
  • Valium and OxyContin is prevalent among older and younger people

Strong Protection for the Rights of Young People Charged With Prescription Drug Crimes

When your child faces a prescription drug charge, it is important to seek help from a compassionate and dedicated juvenile criminal lawyer in Idaho.

The young offender spends a night at a juvenile detention center before he or she can see a judge the next morning. The youthful offender then admits or denies the allegations and the matter proceeds similar to an adult proceeding. The young offender has no right to a jury trial.

Attorney J. Scott Dowdy can be your juvenile’s voice in the process and works to ensure that they get the outcome that is in their best interests.